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AIMTU pioneers innovative solutions in real estate development, aviation, and community empowerment. With a global footprint spanning the USA, India, Mauritius, Turkey, and the UAE, we redefine luxury and sustainability. Our commitment to excellence drives transformative projects, shaping vibrant communities worldwide. Welcome to AIMTU, where innovation meets impact, and dreams take flight.

Explore Excellence in Our World-Class Projects with Private Aircraft Easement Access.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury living in our world-class projects, featuring private aircraft easement access for unparalleled convenience and exclusive travel experiences.

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At AIMTU, luxury is inherent in every project. We meticulously blend exclusive features such as private air easements, lavish villas, and upscale clubs to create unparalleled experiences. Our approach is sophisticated and tailored, ensuring each element harmonizes seamlessly.

From the majestic villas to the refined clubhouses, every detail exudes opulence. We prioritize sustainability, infusing energy-efficient solutions seamlessly into our designs, enhancing their allure and long-term value.


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million sq.ft air easement




Experience the epitome of luxury living surrounded by breathtaking natural vistas at our exclusive villas.

Private Runway Hub

Access unparalleled convenience and luxury travel with our state-of-the-art private runway and aviation facilities.

Mortgage Services

Explore seamless property acquisition and investment opportunities with our comprehensive mortgage services.

Real Estate Management

Entrust your property's upkeep and efficiency to our expert management services.


Crafting Purposeful Spaces

Through Purposeful Design and Sky Access